Welcome to Humanistic Counselling, Felixstowe.

Welcome to Humanistic Counselling, Felixstowe.Welcome to Humanistic Counselling, Felixstowe.Welcome to Humanistic Counselling, Felixstowe.

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Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

Welcome to Humanistic Counselling, my name is Anna. I am a professional, qualified counsellor based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 

 I'm trained in the Person Centred approach and studied at Colchester Institute. My qualifications are accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I am a registered member of the BACP (818308) but first and foremost I am a human being with a broad variety of life experiences.  I  work with adult clients at their own pace to promote positive change through building a genuine therapeutic relationship.

My Core Belief: 

 I believe that increased self-awareness along with complete self-acceptance is the key to moving forward away from psychological distress and closer towards your ideal self. If the true self is denied, obscured or forgotten this can lead to a disrupted state of well-being.  My aim through my work is to walk along side the client on their individual journey to the true self.


Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

Whether you're struggling with depression, the weight of past experiences or you wish to explore current issues that are leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious; talking therapy may be effective for you. Some people find it easier to talk with a unbiased ear outside of their friend and family support network.

 The Person Centred approach to counselling was developed by American psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1950's. This client centred work is based in Roger's theory of providing the Core-Conditions within a therapeutic setting. These include non-judgemental, genuine and empathic responses to client experiences.  The therapeutic conditions create a non-directive environment geared towards building confidence and therefore facilitating change.  This non-interpretative approach is rooted in the belief that each individual holds an innate ability to be the architect of their own destiny. By learning to draw on our inner capacity for resilience; each of us have within us the resources to deal with whatever life presents.  I firmly believe when we feel understood, accepted and validated under the right conditions we can reach our full potential and begin to trust in ourselves. 


The First Step Towards Growth

Why Person Centred Talking Therapy?

The First Step Towards Growth

  If you would like to book a session to explore your feelings and discover if talking therapy is right for you- please email me using the link below. I will always do my best to arrange an appointment that suits you.  


I offer counselling online and over the telephone.


Monday - Friday  

My fee is £35 per session. 



The BACP promote safe, ethical and professional practice in the counselling profession. They strive to raise and maintain professional standards by supporting counsellors in their competency as well as client concerns. This includes complaints regarding unethical and unprofessional practice.  As a registered member I adhere to the BACP's ethical framework and code of conduct. I am committed to delivering a quality and professional service.


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